During the workshop you learn the proces starting from scratch. No basic knowledge is required.

All the material is present at Nest. You only need to bring the material you want to print on. (tshirts, paper, ...).

Maximum format is A3. The image needs to be in single colour. Max amount of prints is 15 per person.

The duration of the workshop can vary between 3 & 5 hours depending on the amount of people participating.

Workshop are possible on 
thursdays, fridays or saturdays and   
will be announced on the calender, and facebook.

A workshop for one person is € 35. 

Info & reservations:  







Experienced silkscreners are welcome
to print in our studio. 

If you aren't falmiliar with the technique,
or if you forgot the process of silkscreen we suggest to participate in a Workshop first.

All material is present in our workshop.
Only the surface to print upon and the transparant you provide yourself.

You are free to bring one assistant.
Someone from nest is there to help out if needed. 

The atelier is open for use on thursdays, fridays, saturdays from 10-18h. 


Half a day (10h-14h/14h-18h) € 25.
A whole day (10h-18h) €45.  

Reservation is required!
Info & reservations: nestprints@gmail.com



These are group activities on location. which come in three different formulas:

1. The total package is a two day workshop including every step from design to print. 
Every person can print his/her own image up to 15 times on a surface as big as A3.

Day One:

-A practical and historical introduction. 
-Designing a suitable image for printing.
-A lesson in Photoshop or for design directly on paper.
-Preparation of the screens. 

Day Two:

-Transfer of the images onto screens

2. Printing on the spot: in this kind of workshop everything is already prepared before we move to the location ready for printing. Only half a day is required. Every person can print his/her own image up to 15 times on a surface as big as A3. We’ll require the images by mail.


3. Live demonstration
this is a public demonstration for the visitors of an event (cultural fairs, festivals) where we print one or more images provided by your organisation, on a surface we can provide (t-shirts, bags, paper, etc.) 

Prices for a mobile workshop differ between the formulas, the amount of participants, the duration of the workshop and the distance from our location to yours.

For more info: